High Net-worth Individual

As a high-net-worth individual, you most likely own a business and have many assets that need to be managed. You may also be looking for ways to save on your taxes. If this sounds like you, we would love to discuss our tax planning services with you! We offer customized tax planning services based on your financial background and situation. Unlike traditional accounting firms, we go beyond just the basics of taxes and bookkeeping; we help identify deductions often overlooked or forgotten about to find savings opportunities.

Tax planning involves identifying opportunities to reduce your income. It’s no secret that the wealthiest families in America are taking their tax burden seriously. What they do with it is up for debate. However, there have been some interesting insights into how these individuals pay less — or not at all -on income taxes, thanks to clever investment strategies and charitable donations!
We have the know-how to plan for anything. From your financials, taxes, and all things in between – we are there with you every step of the way! You can feel good about your assets with our strategies. We build the perfect plan for you and ensure that any future tax rates will be in line, too!

Overtime Pay Changes Seriously Affecting Your Houston Business

The barcode is so commonplace you kind of forget that it was the cutting edge of retail technology once upon a time. Now, you probably only think about it when you scan it at the register (BEEP). But this year is, in fact, its 50th anniversary.But, as commonplace...

TN CPA’s Self-Employment Health Insurance Guide

The heat is turning up everywhere right now, literally and metaphorically.Let’s discuss that in terms of your Sugar Land business if you filed an Employee Retention Credit (ERC). See, the IRS is leveling up their ERC claim investigations right now. If you claimed...

Mid-Year Business Goals Check-in For Sugar Land Owners

The IRS is in a crackdown year. Checking and rejecting ERC claims, getting what’s owed from millionaires that weren’t paying their part, and now locking down tax strategies that were being exploited by those with complex partnerships.If any of these apply to you,...

A Leadership Qualities List To Help You Build Your Sugar Land Company Team

In conversations with Sugar Land business owner friends recently, it seems hiring has been a struggle bus (can you relate?). There are qualified applicants showing up in their resume stacks. But, what’s more difficult to look for in that pile is the right combo...

Keys to Worker Efficiency for Sugar Land Small Business Owners

An unfortunate thing about being a business owner sometimes is that you are at the crosshairs of the changing winds of the culture. And these past ten years, the very polarized political environment has put some pressures on businesses to align with different...

10 Tax Write-Offs for Your Sugar Land Small Business

How did Memorial Day affect your Sugar Land business this year? Did you run any sales or promotions for members of the military? Join a parade to advertise your business? Holidays are an excellent opportunity to connect with the community and get visibility.And, if...

A Good Accountant for Your Sugar Land Small Business Provides This

This past weekend, Ed Dwight — age 90, became the oldest person to travel to space. Six decades ago, he was on a trajectory to become the first Black astronaut in space, but ultimately was passed over. The space excursion certainly cements the old adage “It’s...

Five Reasons to Take Scenario Planning Seriously in Your Sugar Land Small Business

Happy Earth Day. The day we celebrate this little blue marble we all enjoy living on. I found this fascinating as I was reading about it this morning — there are so many elements that make up the scenario of a thriving Planet Earth. Less threats because...

CFPB Small Business Loan Requirements & Your Sugar Land Biz

The 2024 federal tax season has reached its end…  well, unless you joined the other 19 million taxpayers and filed for an extension. That’s something we anticipate every year here at TN CPA. And we’ll be working away the next few months on the...

3 Debt Elimination Steps for Your Sugar Land Small Business

Lots going on this week. Namely…The tax filing deadline is Monday, April 15th. For any of our Houston business clients who haven’t yet reached out to us, we can still take you on by filing an extension on your behalf and then managing the filing after. But, remember,...

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