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TN CPA is a full-service accounting and tax firm that specializes in providing proactive, advisory services to small-medium business owners. Unlike traditional accountants we offer more than just the basics of taxes and bookkeeping – helping you find opportunities for savings by identifying deductions overlooked or forgotten about (and how they can be used!). We’ll also provide insightful advice on ways your company might grow without breaking bank; maximizing profitability always has our eye!

Sugar Land’s Premier Tax & Accounting Services for Small Business: Beyond Standard Tax Preparations

When done right, tax & accounting is an investment that makes you money – the savings and increased profits should be more than what it costs to take these services. So if your company needs a way to save on their taxes while increasing business success rates in return; we can help! We offer proactive advisory services tailored specifically towards real estate or construction businesses (we’ve worked with many types). Our goal: To make sure each client gets not just professional advice but also personalized attention when they need us most so as best prepare ourselves both professionally AND personally for whatever comes next

TN CPA’s Guide to 2024 New Small Business Trends & Regulations

This weekend we got a chance to see what’s trending in the world of music via the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. But something that wasn’t talked about on stage was the struggles of the music industry right now. A lot of artists are facing difficulties with promoting...

IRS Business Accounts & Your Sugar Land Business

The crescendo of the entire football season is coming up in two weeks, aka the Super Bowl (Sunday, February 11). It’s probably one of the most watched events in America. This year will be no exception… and not just because Taylor Swift will be there cheering on...

All About BOI Reporting for Sugar Land Business Owners

It seems business leaders aren’t worried about recession anymore. At least that’s what the annual World Economic Forum decided last week. Economic experts and business leaders are saying that we're not likely to see a U.S. recession in 2024. The Federal...

5 Customer Loyalty Strategies for Sugar Land Small Businesses

“Save more” is a new year goal a lot of people put on their list, but it’s proven to be a difficult one to reach the last few years. In your Sugar Land business, it’s likely some of your employees fall in this category — especially for those in lower income...

Email Inbox Management for Sugar Land Business Owners

Now that we’re a week into the new year, all of last year’s broken things in your Sugar Land biz have likely smacked you in the face a few times. Sadly, they didn’t magically get fixed while you were cleaning up wrapping paper and sneaking another sugar cookie.But...

A Business Valuation for Your Sugar Land Business

Making New Year’s resolutions seems like a waste of time. Sure, we might start with the best of intentions, but by February most of us have quit the gym, returned to normal eating habits, and left books unread on our bedside tables. But something I do believe in...

TN CPA’s 18 Questions to Drive Business Growth in 2024

By the time you actually get to reading this, there is a very good chance that you're reading a voice from the past. I make it a practice to prepare my Sugar Land clients and friends a few days in advance, and RIGHT NOW, it is still 2023.But 2024 is beckoning and is...

Before You Sell Your Sugar Land Business: Making a Plan (P1)

In many ways, year-end couldn’t come at a worse time. As if December holiday crazymaking wasn’t enough, as a business owner you’re also responsible for compiling an entire year’s worth of reporting data into comprehensible form for your accountant, with enough time to...

Achieving Positive Cash Flow For Your Sugar Land Business’s Health

Crazy to think there are only two more weeks until Christmas and only three more weeks left of 2023. There’s a lot of joy still to be had and opportunities for your Sugar Land business to increase revenueAnd, while the rest of us are checking off our holiday shopping...

Important Tasks For Your Sugar Land Business’s Year-End Payroll

The end of the year, that is. That means that for your Sugar Land business’s financial reporting, this is go time.Now that we’re into December, time is short to take care of your year-end accounting. This is something we specialize in so be sure to get on our calendar...

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