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TNCPA focuses on construction and real estate industries. every client receives an intimate and tailor-made experience to match their unique needs. A highly qualified team of experts take a proactive approach to assist clients in navigating the business operation cycle. While partnering to achieve clients’ financial objectives and identify growth opportunities, TNCPA places TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY, and TRUST at the core of each client relationship.

Our Team

TN CPA is a local, full-service public accounting and business consulting services firm whose growth continues to parallel the expansion of small and medium businesses. Our team has an in-depth knowledge and experience in accounting and bookkeeping, tax operations and CFO. We strive to serve clients with our best abilities.

TN CPA was built on the proven integrity, trust, and sound character of its owner, Ms. Tina Nguyen. We are passionate about what we do, and we are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding results. Our team members are our competitive advantage and the key factor in achieving our goals.


TNCPA handles more than just accounting or tax services in Houston and Katy areas, we are your business consultants who will navigate you through business challenges to meet your business goals. Many accountants are only compliance oriented, and while regulation compliance is critical, being proactive and strategic is equally important for your business success. We pride ourselves on being proactive business solutions partners.

We understand that every organization is unique in its business operations, we take the time to ask the appropriate questions, listen, and develop a solution that is a match to your specific needs. This service spectrum is an incredible benefit to our clients, including our professional network of knowledgeable CPAs, business advisors, human resource experts and certified financial planners. We are your advocate and our goal is to always provide comprehensive and accurate financial reports, filings and tax returns, but equally important is your understanding of how different business functions integrate with each other as presented in a high-level type of management reporting.

Our Commitment

TNCPA was built on the proven integrity, trust, and sound character of its owner. We are passionate about what we do, and we are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding results. Our team members are our competitive advantage and the key factor in achieving our goals. We seek individuals who demonstrate superior technical skills, integrity, and sound character and are innovative and results-oriented. We work collaboratively to create a productive atmosphere that supports personal, professional and team growth with the dedication and expertise of our staff.

We believe that good business requires good relationships. These relationships are strengthened by effective communication, a commitment to deliver the best results, and a sense of urgency to ensure a timely response.

Dear Friend,

It’s one thing to manage a business, it’s quite another to grow it.

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about.

It seems like the books are being handled properly. It seems like payroll is (mostly?) under control. It seems like the IRS is okay with how we’re handling our taxes. It seems like the financial reporting is in place.

We’re flush … most of the time. But we’re certainly not growing. We’re not prospering.

What are we missing?

This is a common story that we hear when we first start talking to business owners. The boxes are checked, the people are in place … but the fact is, they’re not quite sure how to optimize the financials for performance and growth.

Our specialty is in reading between the lines of the systems, the softwares, and the financial statements to see the true financial story being told … even when the reports all “seem” okay (for now).

The fact is that the Federal Government would love to have more of your business’ hard-earned money in their accounts. Your employees probably don’t care about cost control as much as they should. Your sales team might need to focus their efforts in a new direction.

But you don’t have to hand more dollars over to the government than they require, just because you don’t know their rules as well as they do. You don’t have to live in a constant state of anxiety over the state of your books. The future of your business doesn’t have to be a question mark.

Let’s get a real-time reading on your business’s financial health. Answer a few questions below to get started.

Click the button above to take your first step, and we’ll be in touch soon to follow up about your specific needs.

And of course, feel free to poke around our site and discover why we’ve been called “The Most Trusted CPA in the Sugar Land Area.”

Talk again soon,
Tina Nguyen, CPA

PS — When you fill out the form, we’ll also add you to our weekly email series on “Real World” Strategy for small business owners. Our readers enthusiastically forward these to their colleagues and peers all the time, because they’re not your standard “tax tips”.

PPS — Already want to come in? I don’t blame you … many people are fed up with trying to manage their books and financials on their own. Our schedule is very full … but if you call us at 281-564-4444 or Email Us, we’ll give you two options for coming in right away. We will NOT make dealing with a business advisor as painful as dealing with your books has already been!

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Customer Stories

Dave McLean

TN CPA is a knowledgeable firm, versed in tax law and regulations. The proprietor handles clients in a professional manner, responds to any issues in a timely way, and honors one's desire to meet any deadlines. No question asked is too small to merit a response. A recommended business!

Jim Kaper

Although I have only had three years experience with TN CPA preparing my annual Tax Return, I have been pleased with Tina and her firm's quality, timely counsel and work. Even off-cycle from annual filing time, TN CPA has always been responsive and with the utmost professionalism.

Karla McMahon

Excellent accounting firm and they know how to reduce tax payments, thank you!